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Asked and NOT Answered

Well? What IS the Answer


Good Afternoon,
This is important information regarding your child’s New York State Assessment Results.

As you may be aware, we have been waiting for several weeks for individual student reports to be generated by our local BOCES to be distributed to parents.  BOCES receives the testing data directly from the State Education Department, attaches a cover letter from my office, and mails score reports directly to parents.

It has been brought to my attention by several parents that some of you are receiving score reports for children that do not live in your home.  In these cases, it seems that some of our 4ththrough 9th graders names appear with an incorrect address resulting in the report being mailed to the wrong home.

We are working with BOCES to investigate how such an error could have occurred and how many districts may have been affected.  All student data is correct within our electronic databases that BOCES uses to develop mailings on our behalf.

In order to maintain confidentiality and receive correct information for your child, please follow these steps:

If you have received an envelope in error and you would be kind enough to either drop it off at the main office of your child’s school or to district office that would be very helpful in getting correct reports to each parent.  If you do not wish to drive to the school, please call the office of curriculum and instruction at 791-4291.  One of my assistants will take the information and make certain that the correct report is mailed to your home.  We have copies of each students report available in the curriculum office.

This potential breach of confidentiality is regrettable.  I will be working directly with BOCES officials to determine how it happened and insist upon corrective action.  Thank you in advance for working with us to maintain student privacy and get all of the correct information to parents.

Have a good day.

Dr. Kenneth Bossert


Breach of confidentiality with student test scores

Another big FAIL!

We do not believe you!

This is another Dr Bossert screw up!

Look at the return address window:
Port Jefferson School District
Office of the Superintendent of Schools
550 Scraggy Hill Road
Port Jefferson, New York 11777

Where's the BOCES address?

What is it the public should trust you with?


Is it asking too much for the guidance department to accommodate students the first three days of school by being available and helpful past the last bell at 2:25PM?  Kid goes to guidance after last class to make a change in their schedule, Guidance says too late you'll have to come back tomorrow.

With all the complaints with guidance, what has changed?

PJ Should Do This.

 — Tar Heels in search of the easy A, beware. Starting this fall, UNC-Chapel Hill transcripts will provide a little truth in grading.
From now on, transcripts for university graduates will contain a healthy dose of context.
Next to a student’s grade, the record will include the median grade of classmates, the percentile range and the number of students in the class section. Another new measure, alongside the grade point average, is the schedule point average. A snapshot average grade for a student’s mix of courses, the SPA is akin to a sports team’s strength of schedule.

GUIDANCE the latest news of the day!

Once again, a future is destroyed, hopes are smashed and long held dreams are dead.  It is disgusting how this school lets this guidance department get away with this time and time again.

A kid works hard, does everything right and to the best of her ability and it all ends because PJHS guidance department screwed up (AGAIN!)

It is nothing short of sabotage (deliberately destroy, damage, or obstruct something).  My heart breaks for this kid (and ALL the others).

Presentation of school report card

Anyone catch Ms Hull's presentation on the school report card?  The entire presentation was 10 pages and she used only 4 pages to show the district's numbers.
She spent only 4 pages on a summary of the results.  Just results. 
No conclusions. 
No rational for success or failure.
No identification of problems.  
No explanation of improvements being made.  
No lessons learned.  
No recommendations for professional development.
No identification of areas where the district is strong.
NO nothing!

Just a pat on her own back that Port Jefferson scored a little better when compared to JUST the Suffolk county average.  

SUNY campuses use 85% on regents exams as a mark of solid competence and below 75% as a mark of inadequately prepared.  Where is that data?  No information on the % of our students who obtained mastery (85% or above).  Just the number who passed 65%.

Why not aspire to be a top school in New York state?